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Admittance Procedure At the Samaritan Inn


The admittance procedure for Samaritan Inn requires three (3) interviews with the prospective resident.  There will be no exception to this policy.  Completing the interview process does not guarantee admission.  In order to apply the applicant:


  1. Should have a desire to be independent.

  2. Must be motivated toward and capable of self-sufficiency.

  3. Should exhibit responsible behavior.

  4. Should exhibit initiative toward hard work, training, and employment.

  5. Have NO LESS THAN 20 DAYS SINCE LAST USE OF ANY MOOD OR MIND ALTERING SUBSTANCE AND COMPLETION OF A PROGRAM PRIOR TO ENTRY or 30 days since last use, with or without treatment completion.  His commitment to recovery is extremely important.  This person must be willing to commit to and be an active participant in a staff acceptable recovery program. 

  6. Should be psychologically stable.  If the applicant is using prescribed medication, a physician’s prescription will be verified.  The medication must be staff acceptable.

  7. Must be willing to submit to a drug and alcohol screening during the interview process.


The First Interview


The First Interview is a time for the applicant and the staff to meet.  The interviewer will gather some basic information about the applicant including a brief social, education, employment, medical, & psychiatric histories.  


The Second Interview


An appointment for the Second Interview will be set at the end of the First Interview if 1) the applicant determines that he would like to continue the admittance process, and 2) the staff member determines that the applicant is eligible.  A substance abuse history will be obtained during the Second Interview. 

The Third Interview


A Third Interview will be scheduled if 1) the applicant still determines that he would like to continue the admittance process, and 2) the staff member still determines that the applicant is eligible.  


The Third Interview consists of an interview with the current residents of the Samaritan Inn.  The current residents will conduct an interview that will include many pre-determined questions, designed by residents, to gather information from the applicant that will help the current residents to determine whether the applicant, in their opinion, should be a resident. The residents then will make a consensus recommendation to the staff either to accept or decline the applicant or any other recommendation that they feel appropriate. The applicant is then notified of the final decision.

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